Whang is a micro-structure production run by a handful of extremely experienced people. A hard core of freelancers who have a very in-depth knowledge of production in an international standard, organizes productions from the smallest budgets ( 1K€ ) to the biggest, ( 300K€), in the field of advertising, fiction, music videos, institutional and digital films, lives. We strive to find the best and most competent professionals on the market to do the job brilliantly. Whang has cameras, editing room, post-production which makes the structure extremely efficient and fast in the organization of any film production. Several international directors are also close to us if necessary. We can film anywhere in metropolitan France and everywhere, just limited on the earth surface  …. and more particularly in Paris, having access to the most beautiful monuments and filming locations. From north to south of France, we also have teams ready to supervise all the travel and accommodation of our productions, whether in the heart of nature or in an urban environment. 

To help fund projects, we can also organize a tax rebate with the CNC and other organizations, depending on the type of production, especially for servicing productions.

Because we have chosen to be a micro structure production ( with nevertheless 46000 euro  capital ) , our costs are low and therefore our prices super competitive.

It is only the passion for this profession, the chance to meet people, to mix our universes, to explore the unknown, voluntarily seeking to get out of our comfort zone, which drains our desire to be the production you need. No Blabla, no luxurious office without client’s consent, fleeing show off, modest & reasonable markups, we selling films and not glitters, to the delight of our clients..

Faithfully and Passionately yours .

Tel :  +33 (0)6 16 99 46 40  – Mail : contact@whangproductions.com

Tel :  +33 (0)6 16 99 46 40  – Mail : contact@whangproductions.com